A 63-year-old man who murdered his wife says he thought he killed a goat

A man who has been identified as Oluwatubosun Dahunsi is currently facing trial before a Chief Magistrates’ Court in Akure, Ondo State. He claimed that he did not know what came over him when he killed his wife, Mrs Oluwafunmilayo Dahunsi. The suspect Oluwatubosun was arrested by the Ondo State Police Command for the crime of killing his wife at Ita-Ipele in the Owo Local Government Area of the state on the 6th of October 2019.

Oluwatobusun is a 63-year-old farmer and it was a shocking discovery to all who knew the family when they found out he had cut his wife to death with a machete following a disagreement. The defendant, who was arraigned on a single count of murder, however, pleaded not guilty to the charge. Oluwatubosun told the court that he did not know what came over him and he regained his sanity after he had committed the act, insisting that he killed his wife in error as he was not himself and begged the court for mercy.

“Yes, we had a quarrel over our children’s fees. I never even knew when I started cutting her with the machete, I was not myself. It was after she died that I realised what I had done. Please have pity on me and help me apologize to my children,” he stated.

The court asked him if his wife did not cry for help during the time she was been assaulted and why he did not stop himself after the first machete blow, and he responded by saying 

“Yes, she cried for help but at that point, her cry sounded to me like that of a goat. So, I thought I was killing a goat. It was like I was being jazzed It was after killing her that my eyes became clear and I was my normal self again and I had to run away”.

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