A kidnapper said he used ransom to build church, mosque and educate my wife

A suspected kidnapper who has been identified as Taofeek Lawal has been arrested in the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyo State. According to a reliable source, Lawal confessed he had been engaged in the kidnapping business to sponsor his wife’s education in a higher institution at Ile-Ife, Osun State.

The suspect confessed to the police that his targets were mainly children between the ages of four and six years and he further stated that the ransom for any child he kidnapped was N100,000.

He also made it known that he has built churches and mosque with the money he collects as ransom:“I have built two big houses, a mosque and a church. I also do take care of my family from what I do and my parents know about what I am involved in.” 

Taofeek also added that he has a 15-man gang who worked for top politicians and also a traditional ruler in Osun State whenever they needed their services. He further said that he has the intention of quitting the kidnapping but the said traditional ruler he mentioned in Osogbo encouraged him to keep doing it as he said he couldn’t get a better lucrative job than that.

He also revealed that he had been caught more than five times within Lagos and Osogbo, but the high powerful traditional ruler from Osogbo was always seeing to his release. He is yet to give names of those involved, but the investigation is still going on fiercely as the police are adamant to know who the said ruler is.

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