Big Brother Naija 2019 Housemate Tacha gets disqualified

The most controversial housemates of the 2019 Big Brother Naija reality TV show, Tacha has been disqualified from the show. Tacha who from the onset of the show, has been the most talked-about housemate due to her confrontational ways, got into a fight with another housemate and hence, resulted in the disqualification.

She was disqualified for being allegedly physical and violent towards fellow housemate, Mercy. Tacha and Mercy had been embroiled in a shouting match, which turned physical after Mercy flipped her hair on Tacha’s face, who in turn grabbed Mercy’s hair.  Two strikes were issued to Mercy from Big Brother “for not stepping away from such a heated situation” and for the act of provocation.

The organizers of the Big Brother Naija show accused Tacha of losing her temper which led to her pulling Mercy’s hair which was considered to be violent by the organizers of the show.

Big Brother found her guilty of breaking the House rule of physical violence and intent to harm the moment she shoved Mercy when she came closer to her and for pulling her hair on two separate occasions which Biggie noted it could have been avoided. Biggie stated that such physical violence has no place in Big Brother’s house as rules are supposed to be followed to the letter.

If you would recall that fitness expert, Kemen was also disqualified from the 2017 edition of the show. Khloe and Kbrule were also disqualified in the 2018 edition. Nigerians have all taken to social media calling on the organizers as being biased as the fight was between two individuals and they should have been punished equally.

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