Bode George states that Nigerian Companies Advertising On Foreign Media Are Shameless

The former deputy National Chairman of PDP, Chief Olabode George has called on the government to punish any Nigerian companies that place adverts on foreign media such as CNN, Daily Independent reports and so on.

According to Bode Thomas: 

“Everyday, go to see CNN for example, you will see three major Nigerian companies advertising. You see them showing their juju music adverts on CNN advertising Globacom.

What has Glo advert got to do with CNN that is being shown all over the world? is Glo network being used in Europe or South America? If these adverts are being shown on local television stations, I can still understand but on CNN? no”

Bode Thomas also explained another scenario during which he was with his friend in Europe and he showed me Glo advert on CNN. Aliko Dangote whose products are being consumed here in Nigeria is being advertised on CNN a minimum of 10 times a day.

He stated that the same applies to Zenith Bank. 

“Who are they trying to impress? The same money they are throwing at CNN in the name of needless and unethical adverts will send a lot of younger people into good and amazing lives here in Nigeria either through job creation, or support for education or skills acquisition”

He further explained that the adverts on CNN is a waste of money because the money they are frittering away was generated here in Nigeria and it is being used in another country. The government must put a stop to them, Bode Thomas emphasized, if one dollar is being spent for any advert on international media, another extra dollar will go to supporting skill acquisition in Nigeria.

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