Bread Vendor Appointed SSA To Zamfara State Governor

Abdulmalik Saidu Maibiredi is the name of the bread seller who has just been appointed as the Senior Special Assistant on Social Media to the Zamfara State Governor, Bello Matawalle and he has also vowed to continue selling bread after office hours.

In a telephone interview he recently conducted, Mr Maibiredi who is 24 years of age, said he would still continue selling bread after his office hours as it was the selling of this bread and the proceeds he made that he used in training himself through school.

“I am still and humbly proud of my business, and I never felt or will ever feel ashamed of selling bread. I started this business of selling bread since I was in primary school, I used the proceeds of this same bread business to pay PTA dues for myself, pay for my common entrance examination to enter secondary school, I also used it for my placement examination and my SSCE” the SSA said.

“I bought my first bicycle when I was in class 4 in primary school with the same proceeds and savings I got from selling this bread, I never bothered to ask my parents for money to buy school uniform. All these, I did on my own and will forever be grateful for. It was also this same bread business I used in going to the higher institution an acquiring an NCE certificate. I am also currently going for my final year exams at the Federal University Gusau. I am who I am today as a result of the hard work I did in selling mu bread, that is how I became who I am today”.

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