Church staff arrested for blackmailing female members with their nudes

More acts of crime seem to be rampant in churches these days as a church protocol officer who has the habit of luring church girls to hotels and taking their nude photographs which he subsequently uses to blackmail them in exchange for money, has just been arrested in Lagos.

Victor Duru is the name of the suspect.t was confirmed that he was a Madonna University drop out. He was, however, finally apprehended after repeatedly blackmailing his church members and his girlfriend as well.

It was one of his girlfriends that however reported him at RRS Headquarter. The 23-year-old Victor Duru was investigated and discovered to have been using the nude photographs to blackmail her in exchange for money.

It was also discovered that the suspect was keeping various nude photographs of other girls while lodging them in hotels and his apartment in Ijeshatedo. A confirmed source revealed that the suspect obtained the nude photographs of the victim with the assistance of a third party at gunpoint.

The suspect stated during interrogation by the RRS that the victim was his girlfriend;

“she was my girlfriend, we attend the same church. We have been dating for almost two years now but we were having break up issues”. 

The suspect further explained how he got some of the nude photographs.

“I invited her to a hotel in Ijeshatedo. I then excused myself and called my friend, Frank Obinna, to meet me in same the hotel. Obinna and I had this plan together and we used a toy gun to threaten her to undress or we will shoot her. She cooperated and we were able to take photos. We took seven different shots of her in the nude with my phone, after which I sent her off. This was in September. By early October, 2019, I called her to give me N80,000 or I would post the nude photographs online. She was only able to offer me N10,000.” 

Obinna again called her and requested for N40,000 in which she promised to send something before finally mustering up the courage to report to the RRS.

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