EFCC sets to rehabilitate Yahoo-Yahoo boys

The current acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in the person of Mr Ibrahim Magu, confirmed that the agency is planning to rehabilitate young people who commit internet fraud, popularly known as Yahoo Yahoo.

This news was circulated to the public on Thursday 17th October 2019 while Mr Ibrahim Magu was delivering a speech themed: ‘Strategic change administration and innovation to curb corruption in Nigeria’. This took place at the third All Administrators National Conference of the Chartered Institute of Administration (ANC).

Magu stated that internet fraudsters, also known as Yahoo Yahoo could be useful to the agency in future if they are rehabilitated. While he spoke on the collaboration between the Nigerian graft agency and other nations, the acting chairman said EFCC had secured due collaboration with ECOWAS members for their help in prosecution of cross-border crimes.

He stated: “So if you commit fraud here in Nigeria and escape to Ghana, we will just call the men in Ghana and say, ‘arrange this man and keep/lock him up for me’.This is what the fraudsters like to do, but we are planning to rehabilitate them because they might be useful to us in the nearest future.”

Ibrahim Magu further said that the antigraft agency has been able to capture more than 614 convictions between January and September which can be attributed to the increase in the agency’s zonal offices from seven to now twelve, as they have more hands-on-deck now.

The EFCC acting chairman has also called on civil organisations and members of the public to report any cases of corruption to the agency.

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