FG pays 621,000 poor Nigerians N5,000 each monthly

The Special Adviser to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on Social Investments, Mrs Maryam Uwais, says 620,947 poor and vulnerable Nigerians are benefiting from the National Cash Transfer initiative.

The National Cash Transfer initiative is something was developed by the current president, Muhammed Buhari to help sustain the lives of the poor in the country. The programme is a key component of the National Social Investment Programme of the Federal Government and it has since started alongside other federal government initiatives such as n-power. 

The special adviser to President Muhammed Buhari, Mrs Maryam Uwais stated that about 621,000 poor Nigerians from all over the country and from diverse ethnic group have benefited from these 5000 naira monthly donations.

“About 1,491,296 in total of households recorded which comprising 6,056,872 per person have been captured on the National Social Register, only about 620,947 of them are currently receiving the monthly payments and are being trained and supported by community facilitators” Maryam Uwais stated.

The Federal Government are doing everything humanly possible to see to the welfare of the citizens of this country, Mrs Uwais further stated. She also emphasized the need for the people to support one another and help in the little way they can for the betterment of the nation.

More people can still register for the monthly allowance especially the unemployed citizens so as to use the money to sustain themselves in the meantime before getting a job. 

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