Fowler suggests communication tax for Nigerians

Babatunde Fowler who is the chairman of the federal internal revenue service (FIRS) has said there is nothing wrong in introducing tax for communication since Nigerians talk a lot on the phone.

As the communication tax bill passes first reading at the national assembly, the chairman of FIRS made the suggestion of the introduction of communication tax. Reports confirmed that Fowler said this on Monday 7th of October 2019 in Abuja during the reading of the tax bills. 

According to Fowler: “I will put it this way, Nigerians talk way too much on phone; they even talk more than it is required, so for them to have the capacity or revenue to talk that much, I don’t see any harm in paying a little bit more to the government. We compare ourselves to developing countries but Ghana introduced a 2% education tax and uses it to fund their universities in Ghana. They didn’t look for help, they did it by themselves”.

The Communication Service Tax Bill deduce that the rate of the tax is 9% of the charge for the use of the communication service. It had replaced the tax being proposed by the federal executive council (FEC).

This information did not meet the citizens of Nigeria well as they are sceptical about the introduction of the tax. They have challenged the government in showing proof of what they have been using the tax collected from them to do not overemphasizing that this new communication tax is just to make the present government more richer as the citizens suffer.

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