Lai Mohammed says FG to Regulate Social Media and Tackle Fake News

The Federal Government has made known its intention to regulate the use of social media by its people. This information was made known by the Minister for Information, Lai Mohammed.

The honourable Minister of Information, Mr Lai Mohammed made it known that no responsible government would sit back and allow such activities capable of setting the country on fire to continue to go unchecked.

“It has attained a level that the government may just no longer fold its arms and allow these things to continue, we need to do something about the use of social media to spread fake and unruly news.” 

The minister on several occasions has denied the facts that on some reports that the present administration/government intends to gag the media. Social media has been one of the numerous channels and in fact it is one of the most used channels for the dissemination of fake news which circulate false information faster to mislead the entire public.

The federal government decided to regulate the ways in which social media has been used wrongly after the government decided to increase the fines for hate speech  This is an act that has been described as a move to silence the critics of the administration.

This new information will help the government in curbing the amount of fake news people spread nowadays just to clout chase. It will also help the nation as a whole, as people won’t be affected by fake news anymore. 

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