London based pastor Ken Akinmade reveals shocking things God told him regarding Osinbajo

The founder of Christ Church based in London (UK), led by Pastor Ken Akinmade, gave a prophecy on Sunday 22nd September 2019 about a concerted effort by some people in power to bring down Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

According to the prophecy, he said some of the people who were working aimlessly to drag the name and integrity of the Vice President in the mud were people from his geopolitical region, ‘the Southwest’. He explained that they were deploying resources to fight the Vice President. He says that  Nigerians must pray for the well being of the number two man of the country.

Pastor Akinmade said that in a vision he saw some politicians gathering and in their midst were some journalists too. “They were coming up with whatever they’re going to use to disgrace the vice-president and mock him within the eyes of Nigerians. The Bible is extremely clear; gather they shall gather however if their gathering isn’t of the Lord Almighty it’ll be destroyed and scattered. I enjoin all Nigerians to hope for the vice-president,” he said.

Pastor Akinmade further stressed that the story of the Vice President is not different from those of Mordecai and Daniel in the Bible, who evil people schemed against but eventually fell for their own plot. He urged and advised Nigerians to be wary of any negative reports or stories that are in the media about the Vice President.

He further warned the Vice President to be careful of those around him and those who are his friends, especially politically and spiritually. He additionally warned him to watch out for some folks from the Southwest. “His biggest enemies are those from the South, mainly the Southwest. Those who he may suppose are his brothers and sisters are amongst people who have ganged up against him. They have seen his glory and they are trying everything within their human potential, however, they forget that man isn’t God”. He urged Nigerians to pray for the Vice President noting that the will of God cannot be truncated at all. “I don’t know the vice-president in person, however, this is often what I actually have to mention to him; Sir, be very prayerful. You are a sheep within the interior of wolves.

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