Man shares his pains on why he his not attracted to his wife again as he claims she’s addicted to bleaching

A certain young man shared his deepest pain with Cynthia Valeria Rapheal on why he his not attracted to his wife anymore. “I am one man that loves to take my woman out everywhere I go but for over 3 years, I don’t find my wife attractive anymore. She is a bleaching cream addict. I am tired of talking”. “I know I have never told her I don’t like her skin. We have spent 15 years of marriage together with 3 boys. She is still very young, about 40 years old. If I tell her about how the numerous bleaching tubes she uses give her different colours on her skin, I will get a serious bashing and she will nag all day repeatedly saying it’s her skin. She was a chocolate brown woman, these days, I can’t even say what colour her skin is now”

He went further by saying he loves his wife on mini things but these days, she can’t even wear that. He also stated that she can no longer wear sleeveless clothing due to the bleaching. 

“If I buy her cream that I know will look good on her skin, she will dash it out and buy all these bleaching tubes and the rest”, He said. “These days I feel deep pity for her because she is also ashamed of what she has done to her skin. Is there any way out to get her skin back to normal or at least a cream that will tone it up a bit. She never had stretch marks even after childbirth and after she started using those stuffs, she now has stretch marks everywhere. I need to help her because she is not too happy about how her skin turned out to be”. This is what he said as he seeks help for his wife.

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