Man who threatened to assassinate actress Regina Daniel, arrested

A 24-year-old man who specialises in sending threatening messages to his unsuspecting victims asking them for money has been arrested by the police. He has been identified as Opoma Terry. It was discovered that he operates from Lagos State and what he does is to send messages to his victims, threatening to assassinate or kidnap them if some specified amount of money is not paid into his account.

The suspect, Mr Opoma recently got back from Ghana and was immediately arrested for trying to defraud Hon. Ned Nwoko, the husband of Regina Daniels, a popular young actress by telling him that he was hired to assassinate the actress, and putting him on a condition to pay a ransom or he would kill his wife.

According to Terry, at first, he initially wanted to defraud Hon Ned Nwoko of the sum of N700k, but during the course of the communication and saw how pleasant the honourable sounded, he had a change of mind and started opening up himself to the Hon. He did this, to the extent of telling him that he’s not actually an assassin, but an internet fraudster (Yahoo boy) who just needs his financial assistance to drop the habit. 

Chief Nwoko, while playing along, requested for his account details and made a transfer of N400k to him but unknown to the suspect, he had initially called his account manager and alerted Access bank management and security operatives about Terry and he was arrested when he went to withdraw the money.

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