Minister of Agriculture says There’s no hunger in Nigeria

The Federal Government has vowed and confirmed to sustain the border closure policy until the neighbouring countries stop the violation of Nigeria’s laws against food smuggling. This is despite the Minister of Agriculture, Alhaji Sabo Nanono, debunking reports that hunger was heightening in the country.

The Minister of Agriculture confirmed that there is no hunger in the country and food security has been achieved. He added that the hunger we are witnessing and experiencing in Nigeria was as a result of the creation of foreigners who have no stake in the country.

He said: 

“I am of the opinion that as long as these bordering i.e the countries that borders Nigeria, do not respect and regard our protocols on these very important issues of smuggling food into Nigeria, the border closure will remain. I think and I know for a fact that we are producing enough food to feed ourselves. There is no hunger in the country and when people talk about hunger, I just burst into a laugh because they do not know hunger. They need to go to other countries to know what hunger really is all about.”

Most Nigerians are really not buying the idea of the border being closed as these increased the prices of most household things including foodstuffs. The price of rice has risen beyond normal and as such, has made it difficult for the average income earners to even afford it. 
“The borders need to be opened, we are the ones suffering for it,” a concerned citizen said.

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