Nathaniel Bassey (‘Hallelujah Challenge’ pioneer) MediaRoomHub Interview

The pioneer of the famous ‘Hallelujah Challenge’ and Olowogbogboro singer Nathaniel Bassey did an amazing interview with @mediaroomhub for their July 2017 edition. He was joined by his beautiful wife Sarah Bassey (@Saranata00).Nathaniel Bassey MediaRoomTV Interview

In this uplifting interview, Nathaniel Bassey discussed how and why he started the ‘Hallelujah Challenge’, his experience with God, the impact the ‘Hallelujah Challenge’ had on people, the backlash he received during the Hallelujah Challenge’ and his raw passion for young people. Significantly, apart from the thousands of people who connected virtually on Instagram and Facebook, Nathaniel Bassey stated that ‘’churches, schools, campus and hospitals connected’. Many testimonies followed the Hallelujah Challenge.

Nathaniel Bassey MediaRoomTV Interview

In the interview, with regards to the criticism the ‘Hallelujah Challenge’ attracted, attention was placed on Daddy Freeze and Joy Isi Bewaji. Daddy Freeze claimed that Nathaniel Bassey created the ‘Hallelujah Challenge’ to promote his ‘Olowogbogboro’ single and to increase his popularity. However, Nathaniel Bassey expressed that ‘as soon as the criticism came, the ‘Halleluiah Challenge’ just exploded’. In discussing the criticism he’s received, he made reference to bible scriptures and that even Jesus experienced criticism. Nathaniel Bassey shared that the grace of God enables him to balance work, music, pastoring and family life, despite the obvious challenges of having a busy schedule and travelling for example.

Nathaniel Bassey MediaRoomTV Interview

Without reservation, Nathaniel Bassey shared his testimony, history as a trumpet player, love for his wife and passion about marriage. He expressed that he had always wanted to be a musician, been into music for over 25 years playing in Jazz clubs before being saved. He shared this views on men who are abusive to their wives in marriage and explained that men are missing true love for God, true fear of God and Godly character. Furthermore, he advised that men and women should not get married with their eyes closed and decide well.

4 Fun Facts about Nathaniel Bassey:

  1. A fan of Woli Agba and likes comedy
  2.  Likes soccer and is a huge Barcelona fan
  3. Studied Urban and Regional Planning at Unilag
  4. Met his wife at a RCCG programme in the City of David in Eket

Photo credits: MediaRoomHub

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