Natural Afro Hair Billboard campaign launched to challenge stereotypes in the work place against black people’s natural Afro Hair

There is an Afro hair billboard campaign that has been created with the aim to change the stereotypical views of black men and women’s natural afro hair. Lekia Lee is the founder of the ‘Project Embrace’ billboard campaign which was created due to the lack of diversity in beauty. The faces of black individuals from different careers will be advertised in shopping centres, restaurants and roadside billboards. According to the Project Embrace website, their ‘goal is to make afro textured hair more visible in the media as beautiful hair’.

Afro hair is widely seen as unprofessional in the workplace in the UK. Black men and women have constantly received discrimination for wearing their natural hair instead of wigs and weaves. Many have lost their jobs because of this. In the United States, it is now a crime in New York city to discriminate against black and mixed-race men and women due to their afro hair in the workplace. However, there is no law in the UK which protects black people from this unfair treatment which is so prevalent in the workplace.

Black people’s hair is completely different to white people’s hair and so black people should not be pressured, forced or made to feel like their hair must look like their white colleagues. The sad reality is that there are hardly any black women with their natural afro hair seen on TV, in advertising or billboards to name a few. There is an increasing lack of diversity which pushes young black girls into anxiety, low self-esteem and deprives young black girls from seeing that their hair is beautiful.

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