NLC tells Government to decide on the New N30k Minimum Wage

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has called on the Federal Government to inform workers in the country about their decision on the implementation of the N30,000 new minimum wage instead of the delay that is currently going on. The labour union described the delay as deliberate and frustrating and also noted that the leaders of the union are having a difficult time to convince workers on the reasons for the delay in the minimum wage.

On May 14th, the Federal Government had inaugurated the relativity adjustment committee which a technical sub-committee team who were further chosen to work out the template for the adjustment of salaries of public service workers. To the NLC utmost surprise, last week talks between the government and the Joint National Public Service Negotiating Council on the implementation ended in a rift as both parties failed to reach an agreement.

The government must show more commitment to the implementation of the new minimum wage by working out modalities on how they would reduce all unnecessary spending, noting that what most political office holders are taking as salaries are extremely high compared to the workers.

The NLC chairman said: “The delay is portraying labour leaders in a bad light to the workers. However, instead of the government to keep quiet, they should come out with what it is in their mind. Are they ready to do the needful? It is frustrating when some people are taking home what is grossly inadequate as salary and some are taking huge amounts of money”.

“The Federal Government should come out and do the needful if they don’t want to increase the minimum wage, they should let us know. There are some that are taking more than necessary as salaries in this country while some are not taking anything and don’t forget that we are all facing the same market. Instead of keeping mute, the Federal Government should have come out with a policy that will help Nigeria, we can’t continue like this. If nothing been done, we are not going to go back on it”

“The market price is on the high side as a result of the minimum wage, people think we have started receiving it hence, the hike in the price of commodities. This thing is delaying too much and I want to believe they will do the needful this month as promised by the minister of Labour,” he said”.

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