Nollywood actress Bose Oladimeji states reasons why she is separating from her husband

A popular Nollywood actress Bose Oladimeji has finally revealed that she is leaving her husband and getting a divorce because he beats and rapes her every time he comes home very drunk.

During a recent interview with Vanguard newspaper, the actress revealed that after two years, she has finally decided to leave her husband who she claims to be a rapist and a woman beater.

She made it known that the brutal violence and domestic abuse which she has been enduring has suddenly become life-threatening and she has had enough of it.

“Yes I am so ready to go, as a matter of fact, I am not with him right now. I just had to run for my life which is so precious to me. I cannot allow someone to kill me like that just in the name of love and I really want to advise the ladies out there that they should not love a guy because of what he gives them, they should be very sure the love is mutual and also real and not be fooled by money and comfort.”

“Whenever he is drunk, he loses his senses and starts to misbehave. He would beat me, infact he acts really crazy” she said as she recounted her memory with him.

“Whatever object or weapon he sees around he uses it on me at that moment he comes home drunk but when he is sober he starts to regret his actions. What I’m simply saying is that in the process of beating and punching me, what if I collapse and die or get injured, what will people say?”

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