Ogun state tanker drivers beg federal government to repair Ikorodu-Sagamu Road

The association of Petrol Tankers Drivers in Ogun State has formally called on the Federal Government to urgently rehabilitate the Ikorodu-Sagamu Road. Alhaji Ganiyu Adurogangan, who is the chairman of the association made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abeokuta.

Adurogangan confirmed the poor condition of the roads, describing it as ‘very devastating’.

The chairman stated that the road had caused some members of his association huge financial loss and he appealed to the Federal Government to “have mercy” on them, saying that the road is posing as a deadly threat to many road users.

He further added that failure to fix the road might surely lead to huge loss of lives and property. Adurogangan gave an example for the bad road using the gridlock caused by a tanker which got stuck in a muddy area of the road recently. He said that it was the quick intervention of some security agencies that saved the situation. He made emphasis of this not being the first or second time they have been begging the Federal Government to fix this road.

The chairman in his interview said:

“We are losing some huge amount of money everyday blessed day because whether or not we pass through the road, it is either we lose money or we lose lives”.

“When we move our products from our Mosimi Depot, which normally should not take us like 30 minutes, we have to go all through to pass Lagos/Ibadan Expressway and you know what’s going on on that road now”.

“The road is a federal road, therefore the federal government should be concerned about the road. It has been awarded to contractors a lot of times, but we’re yet to see any major improvement. If this road is fixed, it would take a large burden off the Lagos/Ibadan Road, and will definitely reduce the travel time,” he added.

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