Police discover centre with 300 inmates in Daura

The police on Monday 14th October 2019 in Katsina State arrested the owner of a rehabilitation centre in Daura where over 300 inmates were being held against their wish and were subject to inhuman and degrading treatment. 

The centre is being owned by Mallam Bello Maialmajri who is a 78-year-old cleric and has been arrested alongside two other men, whose names are yet to be disclosed.

Kaduna state is said to be one in which a series of these s unlawful activities take place because just last month, the police in Kaduna State rescued over 300 boys from an unknown Islamic school, where they were allegedly chained, sexually abused and gravely tortured.

Commissioner of Police, Sanusi Buba, for the Kastina state police division who was the one who led the operation at about 1 pm in the afternoon and was flabbergasted at the new discovery. This centre is located around Nasarawa Quarters, in the Sabongari area of  Daura which is the hometown of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Commissioner of Police in his statement said:  “We discovered that the inmates in here were over 300. They revolted on Sunday due to the poor inhuman situation they are forced to undergo. Some of the inmates escaped while the ones you are seeing here stayed back.

The CP also added that apart from being subjected to inhuman treatment which the inmates were faced with, some of the so-called teachers who were teaching them also practised homosexual acts with them. The CP also made it known that the teachers escaped when the police arrived but he assures all that they would be found and they would face the full wrath of the law.

One of the inmates, a young boy of about 16 years of age named Abubakar Saminu who hails from Yobe State said that his parents brought him to the centre because he was always stealing and thought he would be cured at the centre but the reverse was the case as they were always beaten and starved.

It was learnt that the owner of the centre Maialmajri was already too old to keep running it and had already handed the running of the centre to his son, Umar, who also escaped when the police arrived.

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