Regina Daniels says her Husband is the most Honest Person she has Ever Met

The young beautiful Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels who has received constant backlash over her marriage to billionaire businessman and lawyer, Prince Ned Nwoko because of the almost 40 years difference in their ages says that her husband is a very honest individual.

In a recent chat with Potpourri, the actress Regina Daniels made it known that she is living her best life and she gave certain reasons she loves her aged husband. “His honesty. He is one of the most honest persons I have ever met. In short, I love his honesty,” she said. She also added that she has no regrets whatsoever and has not missed anything by marrying someone old enough to be her father.

“Well, I have actually never liked or enjoyed hanging out with my age mates. I do go for people that are far older than me, so I could learn some things from them or people who are below my age, so I could teach them and being married to my husband has not in any way stopped me from relating with those people,” she said, adding that marriage has robbed her of nothing.

“I cannot really think of anything marriage has robbed me of, because when I was even single, my life was always about acting, schooling and I didn’t even have enough time for party but now that I’m married I could go out for parties frequently. I can even say I’m more privileged to have more opportunities now to do things than when I was single.”

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