Schoolboy kills mate during a clash between Lagos schools

Tears of sorrow were being shed in Ijanikin area as a 16-year-old boy, Adewale Ayuba was arrested by officials of the Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC) for allegedly killing his mate during a cult clash in Ijanikin.

It was evidently gathered that the incident took place on October 21st 2019 during a fight between Oto Awori Secondary School and Government Secondary School for boys.

The 16-year-old Adewale Ayuba was said to have stabbed one Abdulahi Wasiu in the chest killing him on the spot instantly without any remorse.

According to the information received from the Public Affairs Officer of the agency on Olawale Afolabi, the LNSC officials at Vespa area urgently received the information and hence, they also notified the policemen at Ijanikin Division, who immediately moved to the crime scene.

“The police of Ijanikin area acted swiftly in conjunction with the officials of the LNSC. They immediately took the deceased to the hospital where he was also confirmed dead. However, the boy that committed this grievous offence ran away but he was later apprehended and arrested by our men who in turn handed him over to Ijanikin police station for further action and investigation,” Afolabi stated.

Adewale is still present in the police custody undergoing investigation. He will soon be charged to a juvenile court to undergo trial but it has been confirmed that he had confessed to stabbing Abdulahi Wasiu during the clash which led to his death.

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