Stranger disappears with a one-year-old child in Ebonyi

There was chaos in the Ogbe Hausa area of Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, as an unknown person reportedly disappeared with a one-year-old child, Esomchi Oyoke. It was gathered that the one-year-old Esomchi went missing after a stranger, who was identified as Okechukwu and hails from Ushegbe village in the Ezza North Local Government Area of the state, left the house.

The stranger who had reportedly pleaded with the boy’s parents to accommodate him for a night before the incident happened as he was a stranger in the city and had no place to stay.

The stranger Okechukwu was allegedly said to be a businessman who is based in Port Harcourt and always comes to Ebonyi State to buy food items in large quantities to go and retail in Port Harcourt.

Silas Oyoke, the father of the missing child, Esomchi said:  “On the 20th of September 2019, somebody, a stranger that called himself Okechukwu came to me and pleaded that I should help him. He said he wanted to buy garri in large quantity and I took him to the Meat Market along the Gunning Road. Later again that evening, I saw this same man in my house and I asked him why he was here again, Did my wife not say you would go from the market, where you had gone to buy the garri you said you wanted to buy? He said he did not want to go with the 911 truck and that he would go very early the following morning”.

Silas Oyoke further added that it was later that same day that his wife started looking for their child and raised the alarm. It was no sooner than later that his little daughter said the man, who spent the night in their house told Esomchi to accompany him to go and buy biscuits.

That was how the little Esomchi got missing and the police were contacted. The Ekeaba Police Division also confirmed the incident but added that the father of the child  Silas Oyoke displayed an unserious attitude to the loss of his son.

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