Suspect confesses to defiling underage boys to satisfy himself

Ahmed Isah is a 35-year-old man who has been arrested for engaging in constant anal sex with under-aged boys in Sarkin-Pawa area, of Niger State. Ahmed Isah was arrested after a man reported to the police that Isah deceitfully lured his 8-year-old cousin into his room to have intercourse with him through his anus.

The suspect however, after proper investigation confessed and revealed to the police that he has been engaging in anal sex with underage boys between eight and ten years because he wanted to satisfy himself sexually. According to him, he likes to lure his victims with sweets, coke and biscuits after this disgusting act in order to keep them quiet and this has not made any of them tell their parents about the act.

“I had no choice but to resort to this act because I do not have money to give to women after sex and they are not willing to give it to me free which make me resort to having sex with the under-aged boys in my area. All my girlfriends separated from me long ago because I do not give them money after we have sex, they all left me, saying that they will not give it to me for free,” he added.
The Police Public Relations Officer of the Niger State division, Muhammad Abubakar, urged parents to instil confidence and discipline in their children and educate them on the dangers of submitting themselves to such dehumanizing act. “We aggressively need to build the confidence of the children so that they can be bold enough to tell their parents anything or any challenges they are facing at any time. It is unfortunate and sad that a child will face such a situation without telling his parents,” he concluded.

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