Trouble for former Governor of Lagos Ambode As Ex-Commissioner Indicts Him Over Purchase of 820 Buses

A former commissioner during the administration of the ex-governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode, has said that Mr Ambode did not follow the procurement rule in the controversial purchase of 820 buses.

The former commissioner, Olusegun Banjo, who was placed in charge of the economic planning and budget in the governmental system, told the panel set up by the Lagos state House of Assembly to do a thorough investigation on the purchase of the buses stating that Ambode did not involve the cabinet members in the procurement.

Olusegun Banjo served under the former Governor as the Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget and now stating for a fact that his former boss shunned the procurement tradition he had met on the ground and did not carry his ministers.

Banjo who further emphasized on the issues, told the lawmakers that the Ambode government was not in any way transparent and that many actions were carried out without the knowledge of the commissioners.  “The way the Ambode’s ministry was structured, it gave no room for us to function well,” Banjo said.

Olusegun Banjo further told the lawmakers that he did not have a running system and as a commissioner, he was then, he was not granted the power to even approve a naira. The buses which were purchased during Ambode’s regime were not in line with Exco’s approval.

The speaker of the National  Assembly, Mudashiru Obasa has given the verdict that the House would send an invite to Ambode through a newspaper publication. He also added that if the ex-governor fails to show up, the Assembly would resort to issue an arrest warrant.

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