Two nuns become pregnant during a missionary trip to Africa

The catholic church is presently in disarray as an investigation is being launched by the Catholic Church into the matter of two nuns who took a vow of chastity, yet returned to Italy pregnant after a missionary trip to Africa.

Africa has been labelled a continent filled with unwitty people as one of the women, who is 34 years old, learned that she was expecting when she went to the hospital with stomach pain, while the other, who is a mother superior, discovered she was pregnant after one month.

This news has really filled the hearts of many with only bad things left to say about the continent as these two nuns are allegedly pregnant after their brief missionary trip to Africa.

What happened to them during the course of the trip is still yet to be known as speculations are going around that they probably were raped by some African men.

An investigation has been launched because they both breached the strict rules of chastity. The nuns may now choose to give up their monastic life altogether and focus on raising their children.

Though none of the nuns are yet to disclose what happened during their missionary trip and how they ended up pregnant, they have however been given the option of giving up their monastic life and raise their children. This news has however brought several side talks amongst other nuns who are interested in knowing the truth of how they ended up pregnant.

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