Umahi confirmed that Nigerians have been sentenced to 1,000 years in Ghana

David Umahi of the people’s democratic party and the current governor of Ebonyi State, on Tuesday 1st of October 2019, stated that some Nigerians in the diaspora have been sentenced between 500 and 1,000 years’ imprisonment.

The governor made mention of Ghana and some other countries and stated facts why he believed so.

Governor Umahi added that the unjustifiable pursuit of riches, wealth and the devaluation of the Nigerian culture by Nigerians had sent many of them out of the country to where they were and now going through pains and regretting every one of their actions on an everyday basis. 

He explained that in pursuit of a better life, place and to secure their future, these people end up languishing in serious poverty and pain, while some are killed, others are languishing in prison.

The Governor made this known in a speech on Tuesday the 1st of October at the 59th Independence Day anniversary which was held at Pa Uruta Ngele Township Stadium, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State. Governor Umahi added that the way Nigerians are being treated outside the country is nothing to write home about as some are suffering and smiling and some are doing menial jobs they can’t do here in Nigeria.

He said:

 “The way we Nigerians are being treated outside the shores of our country should make us evaluate ourselves. I receive a lot of phone calls from people in Ghana saying that a lot of our people were sentenced to 500 and some 1,000 years’ in imprisonment. We really do need to re-evaluate ourselves properly.”

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