Woman’s symbol to be Removed from all ‘Always’ Products after Pressure from Transgender Community

Always is a popular sanitary towel company which have a major head office in Nigeria. It is one of the best and most used sanitary towels in this part of the world and it has been more acceptable due to its feminine ‘Venus’ symbol. However, it has become so disheartening to thousands of women internationally, including most Nigerians as Always is set to remove the ‘Venus’ sign from their products.

The manufacturers of the ‘Always’ sanitary towels is set to remove the feminine ‘Venus’ symbol from all its packaging after it was accused of discrimination by some members of the transgender community.

Procter & Gamble which are popularly known as P&G made the decision to remove the female sexual identity mark after threatening pressure from transgender activists who were born female but use the products.

In June 2019, transgender campaigner Ben Saunders who is now female, reportedly contacted the Always company via their Twitter social media handle to question them on why the brand uses the feminine logos on all of their packaging. Another activist who goes by Melly Bloom also questioned this and made the same complaint about the feminine symbol on their product.

They both felt that the company, owned by Proctor & Gamble, gave preference to females alone and excluded transgender individuals who use their product. Since the interception of both complaints, Always has given the verdict and said it will now aim to remove the signs from their packaging from December 2019 to make everyone feel comfortable using their product. However, this is only making transgender individuals feel comfortable using their product, not everyone.

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