NYSC approves the use of Hijab for Muslims

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has officially announced that it has approved the use of Hijab to all Muslim female serving or intending to serve as corps members.

The corps who have in the past disapproved the use of hijabs and had made it compulsory for female Muslims to either tie a white scarf to cover their hair or a white turban, made the shocking revelation when some corp members were seen in white hijabs during the normal 3 weeks training session at a certain NYSC camp location.

“Female Muslim corps member will now be allowed to use white shoulder-length hijabs for religious purposes” this was stated in a document backing the approval.

According to the document backing the approval of the Hijab, NYSC does not issue or will not issue the hijab as part of its uniform, however, corps members are now allowed to use a white hijab that drops at shoulder level for religious purposes.

This information has left some with mixed feelings and reactions amongst Nigerians. While some approved of the idea, others are a bit sceptical. he news will create enmity amongst the two official religions: Christians and Muslims.

Some people are of the opinion that they should also change the compulsory NYSC khaki trouser to skirts as some Christians do not accept to wear trousers but are only forced to as a result of the compulsory and mandatory one-year service. Others think that the programme in its entirety should be scrapped.

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