Suspected Port Harcourt Serial Killer Captured

There have been previous reports regarding a serial killer in Port-Harcourt. The police after investigation have been able to capture a suspect yesterday, Thursday 19th September 2019. He has been identified as ‘Gracious Davis West’.

The suspected serial killer, Gracious David West, who was arrested by the Police in Rivers State on Thursday has shared how he attacked his latest victim. In a video shared by the Nigeria police via its verified Twitter handle, West revealed that he threatened his victim with a knife before tying her limbs with a pillowcase. He said that they (he and his victim) were inside a club and they had discussed how much she was going to be paid.

“We were inside the club. We discussed how much I would pay her. After that, we left the club for the hotel,” he said. He was then asked the name of the hotel, which he could not remember clearly but he mentioned the axis of Rivers State where it was located.

“After that, we went to the hotel, I paid for the place. They took us up and after they took us up, I arranged for food that she would eat and myself. They prepared food and we ate. After that, we slept till when the day broke, around let’s say 4:00 a.m or 5:30 a.m. I brought out a knife. She didn’t know that the knife was there. I brought out the knife and threatened her that she should not shout. I told her that if she shouted, I would use the knife. With that fear, she didn’t shout. By then, the volume of the television was loud. She kept quiet. After that, I used the wrapper, (the pillowcase) to tie her hands from the back and then tied her legs,” said West.

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